Find out the future with a pendulum

Find out the future with a pendulumPendulums have been used for centuries and have a number of uses, including the ability to seek out things such as water, gold and oil.

They can also help provide you with any answers to any important questions in life and are one of the oldest and most straight-forward ways to obtain information intuitively.

To fully understand your pendulum, users must first establish which way is yes and which way is no, an issue that will differ from person to person. The ways a pendulum can swing are clockwise or circular right, counter-clockwise or circular left, diagonally left, side to side, diagonally right and back and forth.

Hold the cord around three inches above the pendulum and let it hang motionless, ask it a direct question and then wait as it swings in one of the aforementioned directions.

If you are unsure of the pendulum method, why not try out some psychic readings and see if they can help you find the answers you are looking for?


Image Credit: Wouterhagens (Wikimedia Commons)

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