Give your home a psychic spring clean

Give your home a psychic spring cleanAs flowers begin to bloom and leaves begin to appear on trees, many of us are realising that spring will soon be upon us. As well as being a great time to get a psychic reading and enjoy some fresh perspective, now is also the time to think about giving your home a psychic spring clean.

A normal spring clean involves clearing your home of clutter and giving tired surfaces a polish. A psychic spring clean is different in that it will help your home become a better place for an effective psychic reading.

The first step is to create a space which you will designate as your psychic space. Rather than organising the stuff within this space, it is important that this area is entirely uncluttered. Once you have a blank canvas of an area in a quiet room, then you can set to work placing a few objects around that will help encourage your psychic energy to unleash itself, such as a few cushions, some crystals or an object which holds particularly deep meanings for you.

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