How psychic energies change as we grow up

psychic familyIndividuals who have psychic abilities often discover that they have them from a young age, but does this mean that the ability for mediums to provide an accurate psychic reading decreases with age?

On the level of strength, child psychics certainly have some of the strongest and most prominent psychic abilities. The most likely explanation for this is that the psychic abilities in children are unfocussed, and that if they are not talked about or refined if discovered early, the psychic energies are allowed to run wild.

Teenagers can have similarly strong psychic energies, but they tend to ebb and flow in terms of strength and number, reflecting other changeable aspects in teenage life.

In adults, psychic strength can appear less powerful. However, this is not to do with power alone, and is actually a good thing as it shows the adult’s ability to control and direct their psychic energies. As adults, we become more aware of responsibilities and of the energies of others, and our own psychic energies settle down so that they are more controllable but still as powerful.

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