What to expect from your first tarot reading

Taking your first tarot reading can be unsettling if you don’t know what to expect, so here is a short guide of what awaits you in your first tarot reading.

Most importantly, your first ever tarot reading should be a good experience; tarot reading is supposed to help you connect with your inner self and reach a new level of understanding your worries, not make you worry further.

Before any cards are drawn, you will be introduced to your medium who will interpret the cards for you using their intuitive skills. It is important to share the details of your problem with the tarot reader so that they can understand you better and give you more specific answers. There will be no rituals or ceremonies to encounter, just come with a clear mind.

Some of the cards in the tarot deck may appear to look quite scary but they should not put you off during a tarot reading. The reader is there to interpret the cards and knows all the meanings behind a card that are not necessarily depicted by the image.

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