Protection Magick- Binding Spells

What does it mean to “bind”?
•to tie or fasten something tightly together (i.e., bind the sticks together with twine)
•an obligation that can not be broken (such as a legally binding contract)
•restraining someone (for example, binding their hands and feet)

Binding spells are a unique form of protection magic; one does not inflict suffering or exert negative energies onto someone, but from the various on contexts of the meaning of the word “binding” we can see that that the intention of a binding spell is to prevent a person from causing any further negative influence.

To bind someone is to defend yourself, not to attack another.

When to Use Binding Spells
If you feel you are experiencing bullying, oppression, or unfair treatment, a good binding spell should build up your defensive energies, shielding you from the unpleasantness you are experiencing. Of course if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned, it is highly advisable to record and report your experiences via the appropriate channels; ie, to your Human Resources department if its within the workplace, to the police if its a threatening domestic manner, or to you tutor or student support office if the trouble lies at your place of study.

Breaking the silence of your suffering is the first step towards resolving the issue.

Performing a binding spell could give you the courage to report the wrong-doer, or it may seal your intent once you have told someone about your situation. You should not be made to feel that you are contributing to the cycle of negativity when you asserting your right to peace- you are breaking the cycle by drawing boundaries about what you allow to affect you.

The Magick of Binding
Binding is as much about releasing all holds of the antagonising individual on you as it is about you letting go of your emotions tied to that person. You won’t feel the full effects of a binding spell if you are still have energy bonds to that person- by actively hating a person, you are expelling energy on them and feeding a connection to them within the spiritual field. These energies could be better used for more productive and positive means in your own life, and by re-focusing your negative energies (like anger or excessive worrying) you release that person’s hold over you.

The true nature of forgiveness is not about admitting defeat or accepting ill-treatment; within forgiving someone, you are choosing to sever an unhealthy emotional attachment by redirecting your own feelings of anger or resentment.

Negativity- Freezing Spell
This is a simple, but very effective spell that uses ice to “freeze” a wrong-doer’s. Ice is significant in binding as the frozen element of Water, which is represented in the Tarot Minor Arcana as the suit of Cups and used in esoteric work as symbolic of emotions. Water is representative of tears we cry, as well as being a powerful cleanser and healer of the natural elements. Binding spells in general are best performed at the last night of the full moon or during the waning moon period, as the moon’s light ebbs away so will the wrong-doer’s power.

Spell timing: Saturday, waning moon
You will need:
Scrap of paper & pen
Sealable container
Access to a freezer

Write the antagonist’s name or initials (or roughly sketch what the person looks like if you don’t know their name) on the piece of paper. Fill the container with water, fold the paper up and submerge it in the water. Seal the container so that the water can’t spill out and put it in the freezer. Leave the container in the freezer of as long as needed; the person who is causing you stress should “chill out” within the following week. To dispose of safely, remove the ice from the container and bury the ice chunk in to the earth or throw into a natural water source.

Written by Tahlia – PIN 0450

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