How to give your home a spiritual spring clean

spring cleanWe often look to a tarot reading to find answers to the question of why uncomfortable feelings have arisen, and it is sometimes the case that a psychic will advise you to do a spiritual spring clean. Here are some details about why certain places can make you feel uncomfortable and how to go about performing a spiritual spring clean.

Our homes are essentially an extension of ourselves; taking a fresh look around the rooms of your house can tell you a lot about how you are feeling. Some aspects of a room can drag us down spiritually and others lift us up so it is a good idea to make a note of the aspects of a room that you think affects you spiritually. This could be clutter or even the negative energies left by an argument.

The first step of spiritual cleaning is to go through your clutter and sift through the items that generate feelings for you. It may be healthier to get rid of some of these things as items can anchor us to a particular time point. Approaching the task with a positive attitude will help create a positive atmosphere in the room, leaving it feeling spiritually clean.

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