How to optimise your psychic powers

How to optimise your psychic powersWhen we look for a psychic reading, we always go to an expert, but it is considered amongst some psychic circles that we are all born with psychic abilities. We begin with raw talent and the most gifted psychics nurture these abilities; here are a few suggestions of how you can train your psychic abilities.

Meditation is a great way to tune into your gifts and tap into your subconscious. All psychic abilities involve being in tune with your higher self and meditation is the foundation of nurturing this.

Our entire being is made up of mind, body and psyche, and when all of these are in tip-top condition they complement each other and make them stronger. So, remember to eat healthily, exercise regularly and think positively.

Hypnosis is another way in which you can connect with your higher self and, as with meditation, the more you practise this, the easier and quicker it will be to get in the optimum state for performing a psychic reading.

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