How to spot and protect a psychic child

child on beachPsychics come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes different ages too. Having a psychic child is something to be celebrated as it is a real and exciting gift that can be nurtured. Here are a few pointers to help any psychic child grow up happily and safely.

First, it is handy to be able to identify your child as psychic. Some of the common traits include spending a lot of time outdoors and with animals, knowing things that they have no previous knowledge of, seeing their guardian angel and being overly sensitive to the feelings of others.

Psychic children can often see and talk to spirits which can be a blessing for a free psychic reading, particularly when the child brings messages from loved ones, however some of the ghostly visitors may be unwanted. Not the kind of stuff that makes scary horror movies, but more like a spirit who wants to contact their living loved ones and has chosen the child as a medium. Simply asking the spirit to leave the child alone should be enough, or simply place angel figurines in the child’s bedroom to ward off unwanted spirits.

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