How To Understand Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are versatile divination tools that are often used by psychics, mediums and clairvoyants when giving psychic and spiritual readings. Tarot cards have been used for centuries and there are many variations available. 


The full deck is comprised of 78 cards in two main categories:

Major Arcana – 22 cards

Minor Arcana – 56 cards

To understand tarot cards it is important to familiarise yourself with each of the cards. This means studying the symbolic imagery of the cards in detail and interpreting meaning to the four specific Suits in the Minor Arcana – Cups, Wands (or Rods), Swords and Pentacles (or Coins).

The Suits are structured like standard playing cards and are made up of a King, Queen, Knight (or Jack), Page, Aces and cards numbered 2-10.

The Major And Minor Arcana

The Major Arcana cards are considered to be ‘power’ cards, within the tarot, and are supported by the cards in the Minor Arcana. The symbolism contained in the imagery of each card can have a multitude of meanings, and provide insight and information during a psychic or spiritual reading. Each of the cards tells a story and represents aspects of personality traits, action and probable attitudes. The position of individual cards in a spread, and the adjoining cards, also determines specific tarot meaning. As too does the upright and reverse position of the cards.

When a tarot spread contains multiple Major Arcana cards a psychic or spiritual reader will interpret this as matters of great importance in your situation. Each card will provide insight and guidance to help you clarify a situation and to empower you to make informed choices and decisions. The tarot is therefore an excellent tool for personal transformation and spiritual development.

The Suits

Each of the four suits of the tarot represents a season, a colour, signs of the zodiac, elements and geographical direction. The suits also symbolise aspects of health, wealth, creativity and emotion.

The Cups – Associated with water and the colour red and symbolic of love and romance, relationships, emotions and psychic and spiritual connection.

The Wands – Associated with fire and the colour yellow and symbolic of creativity, passion, energy and career.

The Swords – Associated with air and the colour indigo and symbolic of challenge, struggle, internal battle, action and change.

The Pentacles – Associated with earth and the colour green and symbolic of health, wealth, material gain and the realisation of ideas.

The Power Of The Tarot

The tarot is widely used, all over the world, by psychics and mediums that use the cards to help them to tune into a client’s energy and spiritual connection when giving psychic and spiritual readings. Many people with an interest in esoteric matters also learn to interpret the tarot for their own personal and spiritual development. If you are interested in psychic awareness there are many books, workshops and courses available to help you learn the basics and advanced principles of understanding the tarot.

Choose a tarot deck that resonates with you and empower yourself by developing your spiritual connection. The more you study the tarot cards the easier it will be to interpret the messages of insight and guidance from the images.

For a Greater understanding have a Tarot Reading with one of our experienced readers.

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