What Can A Love Tarot Reading Tell You?

Many people seek guidance and clarity from a tarot reading when they are experiencing hurt, pain, confusion and frustration in matters of the heart and love and relationships. The love and relationship reading is the most common request that any spiritual or psychic reader receives.

The Benefits Of A Love Tarot Reading

A love tarot reading can provide clarity, insight and guidance whether you are single and not loving it, experiencing relationship problems or in the honeymoon period of a new relationship. Spiritual and psychic readers will use the tarot Love spread to identify any obstables, blocks and restrictions that may be causing you love and relationship disharmony.

‘How’ And ‘What’

To get the best from any tarot reading it is important that you pay attention to the words that you use when speaking to a psychic or spiritual tarot reader. Resist the urge to ask ‘will’ and ‘when’ questions by choosing to enquire ‘how?’ and ‘what?” instead. This subtle shift in your thinking is positive and will help the psychic reader gather answers that are more relevant to your questions.

Choose Your Love Questions With Care

The way in which a question is asked of the tarot will greatly influence the answer that you receive. It is therefore important that you take time to think about, and formulate, your questions before the start of a psychic, spiritual or tarot reading.

For instance: asking a general question like “Will I ever find Mr Right?” is less empowering and proactive than saying “What can I do to bring Mr Right into my life?”. The tarot answer to the first question is likely to be: “There is a possibility of love coming your way”. Whereas the reply to the carefully worded 2nd question will direct you towards removing blocks and obstacles on your path to love.

Questions To Avoid

When you are caught up in love and relationship angst or heartache it can be easy to become obsessive about a situation or person. If you expect a psychic reader will be able to answer all of your questions and solve all of your love problems you may be disappointed. Resist the temptation to focus all of your energy into one person or one outcome. Keeping an open mind will help you gain more love clarity than you may have expected.

• Avoid asking “how does he feel?” questions. The psychic or spiritual reader tunes into your energy when giving you a reading. It is not always possible to tune into the energy of someone who is not present.

• Avoid evasive questions like: “When will he leave his current partner?”. Instead focus on how you can make the present situation better for yourself.

• Avoid asking questions that have attachments of guarantee. Things like: “will I ever find love?” or “will he propose?” create expectation and leave you with a sense of hope. A good psychic or spiritual reading should leave you feeling empowered because you have gained greater clarity and insight, not because you’re left hoping for a favourable outcome.

Good Questions To Ask

It is important to keep the focus on you and your feelings, when thinking about the love and relationship questions you want to ask.

• Ask strategy questions. Ask for guidance regarding what you can do to improve your relationship or love situation. These questions will empower you to take positive action.

• Use ‘how’ and ‘what’ in your questions. This allows you to frame questions in a positive way.


Now you have found out the basics get your very own Love Tarot Reading today with one of our experts.

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