Nearly half of British people want to communicate with the deceased

GravestoneBritish people appear to avid believers in the afterlife and the work of mediums who can provide a love psychic reading; two thirds of us believe in life after death according to findings from a nationwide poll.

Dr Penny Sartori, the country’s leading expert in near-death experiences, conducted a poll which looked at how we individually feel about death and afterlife. Almost 60% of people responded saying that they believe that our loved ones remain with us spiritually after they have died.

On top of this, at least 20% of us have apparently visited a medium or psychic and the same amount also said that they had seen or sensed the presence of a ghost. The poll also revealed that 40% said that they would like to communicate with deceased loved ones. One of the best ways to achieve this is to ask a medium or psychic for a help, experts in the area of the afterlife.

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