Practising the art of aura reading

Practising the art of aura readingParapsychologists believe that all living beings emit an aura that can be detected and analysed by those who are skilled at providing an online psychic reading. Although it takes years of practise and hard work, it could be possible to teach yourself how to read auras.

Psychics find reading auras a useful tool as it reflects your personality, useful for picking up on both your long-term personality traits and short-term emotions. Different coloured auras symbolise different coloured traits and emotions, but before learning about these, you will have to work on being able to detect them in the first place.

Practise is essential for being able to successfully pick up on the auras of living things. A great way to begin is by placing your hand on a white sheet of paper. Close your eyes for a few moments and clear your head of passing thoughts, then, when you feel ready, open your eyes and look at your hand until you feel like you are looking past it to a resonating colour beneath. Once you feel comfortable with this, you can try this on plants and animals against a neutralising white background.

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