Torvill and Dean admit they were not always just friends

Torvill and Dean admit they were not always just friendsMillions have wondered if there has ever been more to the relationship between legendary skating duo Torvill and Dean, and although they have always insisted that they have had a platonic relationship, they are set to reveal that this is not strictly true.

The pair have always maintained that they are just good friends, and Jane now has a husband and two children whilst Chris is dating fellow Dancing on Ice coach Karen Barber, but they are set to reveal on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories that there used to be a bit of romance.

Jayne has said that she “fell in love” when she first saw Chris, although she goes on to say that when they started to skate together that any romance ended.

Chris goes on to say, however, that the pair once “dabbled” in some intimacy when they first started out in ice skating, admitting that there was some kissing. Finally speculation about their friendship has been put to rest.

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