Mothers Telepathic link with their children.

Telepathy is defined as the transfer of physical, emotional or mental energy or a combination of these from one person to another over a distance without the use of verbal or visual communication; this distance doesn’t need to be far it can simply be across a table but it can also been a great distance such as across the globe.

You don’t have to be psychic to be telepathic. What many people experience is just a sudden knowing that something is wrong with a loved one feeling that they could be injured or have died.

There are far more reported cases in regards to mothers and their children.

“There seems to be a deep, un-explainable connection between parents and children; perhaps it is the by-product of physical and spiritual bonding. How is it that a mother knows when her baby needs her? Why does a woman’s milk often let down precisely when her child becomes hungry or cries?… If anything will convince you that something in addition to the physical world exists, bonding will.” — Robin Lim: After the Baby’s Birth… A Woman’s Guide to Wellness

It is debated that the act of carrying a child creates this intense connection; this is explained that by making space in their bodies to carry a child they are also making space in their psyches as well. It can’t however all be put down to the act of giving birth as there is also a bond which can be created between adoptive mothers and their children, the main concept which ties them is love and want to protect that child.

This emotional telepathy is often referred to as “mother’s intuition”, where a mother can sense her child is in distress, just knowing their child is sick without any reasonable explanation to why.

This connection works both ways, with many children almost “reading” their parents minds and responding to parent’s unspoken thoughts.

As a child grows the emotional connection they share with their parent lessens, this is because they have other influences in their lives which pull them away, however a mother’s connection never lessens as their child grows up and the phrase “mother knows best can be best” can be used with real truth most of the time.

This mother’s day take time to appreciate your mothers and grandmothers for the amazing caring people they are!

This article has been influenced by the works of Cassandra Eason book: “Mother Love”

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