Redecorate your home using colour theory

Redecorate your home using colour theoryAs we slog on through Blue Monday, many of us are feeling like we could do with an injection of energy into our lives. A psychic reading could be just the ticket, but another way to help you make some positive changes in your life is to redecorate, and the colours that you choose can be more important than you first thought.

Choosing a colour for a room in your house is based on the same principles as auras. Different colours, like different auras, give off different psychic energies that we pick up and subtly effects how we feel. If you are thinking of sprucing up your home soon, here are some helpful hints.

Use lavender in the living room; it creates a great atmosphere for relaxing and combines the luxury of purple with the purity of white. Green and blue are ideal for work spaces as these colours help generate productive energy and a healthy environment. Yellow is good for the kitchen as a room which is full of energy, life and cheer, however it is not good for a baby’s bedroom as it is a colour that is prone to making them cry


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