Romance rumours bloom between Caroline Flack and James Arthur

Romance rumours bloom between Caroline Flack and James ArthurRomance may be blooming again between X Factor winner James Arthur and Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack after they were spotted leaving a swanky London club at the same time.

The pair were said to have flirted relentlessly on the X Factor when James was a contestant, and although he was snapped having a good time with a number of other women, there always seemed to be a spark between him and Caroline.

The presenter has had flings with X Factor contestants in the past, most notably One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, and it appears that she could be finding someone new on each new series of the X Factor.

The pair were both at poshSohoclub Groucho this week and left at the same time, although Caroline left by the front entrance and James by a side door, perhaps in a move to try and persuade the paps that they aren’t dating.

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