Some common dream meanings

Some common dream meaningsDreams, unlike an online psychic reading, are one of the interpretive psychic tools that we can all use; here are some common dream features and their interpretations.

Falling dreams are one of the most common types of dream, so common that many myths have arisen about the meaning of them. Don’t worry; you won’t die in real life if you hit the ground. However, it does indicate a feeling of insecurity or lack of support in your waking life.

Another common dream is that you have bad or missing teeth. On one level this suggests that we are concerned about feeling unattractive, and on a deeper level it suggests that we fear embarrassment or loss of power.

A frequent dream symbol is the arrow. An arrow represents the targets you are reaching for and your personal goals, and the outcome of the arrow’s path reflects how you feel about your current situation. Shooting an arrow at a particular person can also indicate the desire to take power away from someone, even more so if you find yourself following the arrow’s trajectory after it has left the bow.


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