Summary of the Year of the Water Snake

Summary of the Year of the Water SnakeFresh psychic energy is still in the air as we wait for Chinese New Year, making now an ideal time for a tarot reading. One of the special things about the Chinese Zodiac is that each New Year and brings with it predictions that can relate to everyone. 2013 will be the Year of the Water Snake and here is a short summary of what this sign could bring for all of us.

Last year was the Year of the Dragon and the Snake provides the strongest difference to Dragon energy. That is not to say that the Snake is a negative sign; it simply brings different qualities. For instance, developments in science and technology will be strong this year thanks to the influence of the Snake.

In terms of the Water part of the Water Snake, education and research are likely to flourish. This year could be the right time for you to take that educational course that you have always wanted to do, or simply a year in which you will face challenges that will ultimately help you learn.

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