Surround yourself with these lucky symbols

Surround yourself with these lucky symbolsA love tarot reading can bring us feelings of good fortune as we are encouraged to take a more positive outlook on life. We can bring about similar feelings of good fortune in many ways, such as surrounding ourselves with symbols of good luck, or noticing them more when they appear naturally in our lives.

A tarot reading can help us identify times of good fortune, but in the meantime it can be useful to surround yourself with some of these lucky symbols that you may not have heard of.

The acorn is said to being good luck when it is carried as a charm. As a naturally occurring object, it can help ground our thoughts as well, whilst still stimulating growth.

In English and Eastern European culture, chimney sweeps are considered lucky if you meet them. Rather than being lucky themselves, chimney sweeps can pass on luck to the people they meet.

The horseshoe is an item which many know is lucky, but fewer know that it can also be unlucky. The horseshoe must point upwards to bestow luck; if pointing downwards it becomes an unlucky symbol.


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