Tea leaf readings, what are they all about?

Tea leaf readings, what are they all aboutTea leaf readings are supposed to be an accurate way of predicting the future and can be traced back to medieval times; however, can they be recommended over an online psychic reading?

There are lots of different methods of tea leaf reading, the most popular being where the tea leaves are broken up into 4 different categories: nature, people, objects and animals. Different cultures have different ways of reading tea leaves, but they all look at how the positions of leaves or coffee grounds make certain shapes or are related to each other within the cup space.

As well as different shapes meaning different things in different cultures, tea leaf readers have different methods of reading, and the tea drinker and tea leaf reader obviously need face-to-face contact to communicate. Although tea reading can be a useful tool, the benefits of online psychic readings and tarot readings can be found in that there are a number of general rules to follow, and face-to-face contact is not strictly necessary.


Image Credit: Des (flickr.com)

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