Tips for a successful session with a medium

Tips for a successful session with a mediumTaking a tarot reading or approaching a medium to talk to a loved one who has passed on can really help you find the answers you seek, but if doing it for the first time it can be an incredibly daunting experience. Here are a few guidelines about the etiquette of communicating with the other side.

First, it is important to create the right environment. Emotions will be undoubtedly be running high and it is key to remain focused, so anything that could distract, such as a ticking clock or pets, should be removed.

Bringing items or photographs into the room that have strong connections between you and the deceased can also help the medium to navigate the spiritual realm most effectively.

For you, the seeker, it is important to remain quiet and respectful at all times. To get the most out of the session it is important to respect the medium who is doing the communicating as well as the spirit you are trying to communicate with. The medium may ask you to speak about the person to be contacted, but remaining quiet for the rest of the time will help both the medium and the spirit feel comfortable and welcome.


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