The ancient mythology of diamonds

DiamondsAlthough it is unlikely that numerous diamonds will be involved in a psychic reading, there is an interesting and little-known history of the gem’s mythology. The diamond has actually been long known as a positive symbol.

The diamond features heavily in Hindu mythology, and in the language of Sanskrit, the word for diamond is formed from ‘vajira’-thunderbolt- and ‘indrayudha’-a weapon carried by the warrior god Indra. They were thought to ward off evil and were often worn as talismans in battle.

The Ancient Greeks also believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods, whilst the Romans thought that they were the shavings of stars that the god Eros carved into arrows. The high value of diamonds continued into the Middle Ages where the gem was believed to hold curative properties; one remedy for stomach ailments was to swallow a diamond.

Black diamonds also hold a great amount of power in Ancient India; the gems are thought to be cursed and have been associated with Yama, the god of death. In Italy, however, the black diamond is believed to bring good fortune and improve failing marriages.

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