What is Karma? Can we change it?

What is KarmaImagine a still, deep pond with grassy banks. Calm and clear, the water reflects the surrounding trees and hills whilst absorbing and reflecting the Light. If someone throws a large stone into the centre, suddenly it is no longer still and ceases to reflect the Light in a meaningful way. The once calm surface of the pool is disrupted and small waves appear on the water. As the ripples reach the edge of the pond they meet those which have already rebounded from the bank, and quickly cancel each other out. The surface of the water becomes still and Light filled once again.

This rather long analogy is a very good way to portray our lives on earth. The pond is us, the stone is the cause, the unsettled water is the effect, and the returning ripples are the balancing of our Karma allowing us to be calm, still and Light filled once again.

The actions of Karma affect all of us. The immortal Soul that exists outside of time has chosen the physical experience of life, as we know it as a path to growth, and healing, even though this represents a huge reduction of its power. In each incarnation, the Soul creates a different personality and body, and each will contribute its own unique lessons to the Soul’s evolution. It would therefore appear that those aspects, which require healing, need to be addressed on the earth plane.

An enlightened person may become aware of some of these past or future lives, but we should understand that these are Soul experiences, and not actual lives that person has lived. All negativity released in a life benefits all past and future lives of that soul, and the Universal Dynamic of us all.

Here then is the key to Karma- we are very responsible for every thought, and every deed. The intention, whether acted on or not, is sufficient to emit negative energy, and bring about Karma.

We receive from the world exactly what we give to the world.

Morals have no place in Karma. The Universe does not judge, it simply balances energy and teaches self-responsibility. Judgement in itself can create negative Karma. Every cause that has yet to produce an effect creates an energy imbalance. If this cannot be resolved in a current lifetime, it must be carried forward. To evolve and become whole the Soul must balance its energy. It must experience the effect if what it has caused It may be helpful at this stage to look at some of the differing types of Karma we may experience. This is not an exhaustive list, but may be thought provoking.

Balancing Karma

Cause and effect, we reap what we sow. The murderer is murdered, the bully is beaten, the habitual thief suffers great loss.

Physical Karma

Misuse of the body in one life may result in marks, blemishes or disability in a future life.

Irrational Fear

A great fear or phobia in this life may be the result of a dramatic or harrowing past life event.

False Guilt

Without realising, we carry forward the blame for some past life incident that we may or may not have been responsible for.

Developed Awareness or Reward Karma

The more aware you are the more you can influence your Karma in this life. You may only have incarnated to assist another in balancing their energy.

Karma of Ignorance

Many people live into similar lives time after time, and fail to evolve. Selfish, blinkered lives.

Saintly People

Those who in life or death knowingly take on and balance the Karma of many, thus increasing the energy of the whole world. Christ, Ghandi, and to a lesser extent Crystal Children.

We all have the power and capability to rise above any negative Karma we are experiencing in this life, we do this by remembering the following:

– Wisdom erases Karma through knowledge and forgiveness.

– Grace dissolves Karma through mercy and trust.

– Restitution erases Karma through charity and selfless work for others.

– The continued expression of non-judgemental love will help us rise above rise above any negative Karma.

Remember each life is critical, not just to our own souls evolution, balancing and boosting the energy of our world will help with our Karma. So take the plunge, trust in life, the power of love and light and lift us all by helping yourself.


Image Credit (Flickr) : mick469us

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