The art of clairvoyance and seeing spirits

CandleWe turn to mediums, psychics and clairvoyants for many things, for example a love tarot reading or as a method of contacting spirits beyond the grave. Clairvoyants in particular are often asked if they can really see spirits and talk to ghosts as this seems like a figment of overactive imaginations to most of us.

Many scientists believe that all matter is simply energy which is condensed into a slow vibration. Following this, clairvoyants believe that when a person dies, their spirit is released to vibrate at a frequency that is detectable to those with particular skills in picking up on these spirits, normally in the shape of auras, figures or shapes.

If a clairvoyant is particularly skilled, they have the ability to see spirits fully and can also interact with them, whether this is to pass on messages or to simply figure out their intentions as a spirit form. Clairvoyants are very skilled people and experts in their field have carefully nurtured their talents over a number of years, enabling them to actually be able to see spirits clearly.

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