The benefits of a one-card tarot reading

The benefits of a one-card tarot readingWhen it comes to taking first steps into the psychic realm with a love psychic reading, many opt to begin with a one-card tarot reading. Undoubtedly good for those new to psychics and tarot readings, how good a reading can just one card provide?

A one-card reading works in the same way as a tarot reading, yet on a miniature scale. The reader can use a one-card reading to pick up on dominant psychic energies, thus pinpointing on the issues and feelings that are most important to you at the time. Open questions are most suited to this type of reading, such as questions which ask ‘how’ or ‘why’.

Although a one-card reading is good for focus, taking a more comprehensive reading which incorporates more cards will undoubtedly pick up on the subtleties of feeling that a one-card reading cannot. So although a one-card reading is a good place to start, a tarot reading which uses the whole deck can provide deeper and more detailed insight when you feel ready.


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