The difference between a one-card tarot reading and a standard reading

tarot cardWhen it comes to a love tarot reading, a seeker can either opt for a reading that uses the standard number of cards or a one-card tarot reading. Both grant the reader insight into the seeker’s subconscious fears and desires, but what kinds of reading do these two alternatives produce?

A standard card reading uses both the Major and Minor Arcana and the reader must understand the complex and subtle relationships between the different cards to be able to decipher the most appropriate meaning for the seeker. This kind of reading relies on the seeker asking a well-thought out question and the cards providing guidance using their relationships with one another to provide a detailed reading.

A one-card reading, on the other hand, uses both the Major and Minor Arcana, but only one card is picked for the reading. Open-ended questions are best suited to a one-card reading, ‘how will I get through this situation?’ as opposed to ‘will I break up with him?’, for example. The many meanings of the single card will need to be waded through by the reader and must be fully embraced by the seeker as the most important answer to the question.

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