The psychic power of twins

JedwardWhen we think of asking for a love psychic reading from a medium, we tend to think of asking only one person, forgetting that psychic twins are out there too. But are their skills only applicable to each other and not those who are looking for answers?

The normal everyday experiences of psychic power that we receive, such as déjà vu, knowing who is on the end of the phone before answering it and having a shared dream, are common to all of us. In twins, however, these experiences are even more frequent as well as being stronger, and more focused supernatural abilities can be seen.

A number of famous twins have also come forward announcing that they have a special shared bond, including Jedward and the Kray twins to name but a few. As with any psychic powers, if they are properly nurtured from a young age then they can be harnessed and used effectively. The twin connection can exist without any nurturing, and this is the case for the majority of twins. Twins who have managed to harness this power, however, are certain to be a force to be reckoned with.

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