Using crystals to aid a psychic reading

Using crystals to aid a psychic readingMany people choose to look at a number of different methods of enhancing a psychic reading, and using crystals is one of the many popular tools.

Crystaltherapy has been a common practise for thousands of years, and the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Chinese people were known to have used crystals. The Native Americans and Australian Aborigines still use crystals as a method of meditation.

Crystalsare usually placed on a person and sometimes around them and are particularly good at creating a positive energy suitable for an effective psychic reading, reducing stress and even pain.Crystalscan help create a positive energy of relaxation and peace, helping both the psychic and the seeker find clear answers.

The argument behind crystal usage is that crystals and the human body are similarly constructed, with water being a ‘liquid crystal’ which makes up around 90% of the body, hence why they effect each other so drastically.


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