Welcome the vernal equinox on 20 March

The vernal equinox will soon be upon us as 20 March draws ever closer, and as well as marking the start of spring, it is also a great time for a tarot reading. The spring equinox is not just the moment when the number of daylight hours is equal to the number of night hours; it is also a time when our souls and subconscious get their very own spring awakening.

The positive energy that the vernal equinox brings is sure to be felt by all on 20 March when the sun moves into Aries, meaning that all of us will benefit from some of the sign’s best characteristics: courage, energy and self-belief. Above all, Aries is a sign all about action, so the equinox will be expected to bring about a number of changes in our lives which will spur us to action.

Of course, any action should be well thought out and the pros and cons of it weighed up. With the overwhelming feeling of needing to be active, many of us may find that our decisions are rushed. This is where a tarot reading can help, focusing the desires of our subconscious into making decisions and carrying out actions which are of benefit to our inner selves.

Image Credit: kevin dooley (flickr.com)

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