What Happens During A Clairvoyant Reading?

Although psychic and tarot readings are hugely popular not everyone has the same requirements and expectations of a psychic or spiritual reading. There are many people who prefer to choose a clairvoyant reading whenever they need insight, information and guidance.


What Is A Clairvoyant?


A clairvoyant is someone who receives visual information intuitively. This means that he/she tunes into your energy and picks up information from your guides and Source, which is presented to them in a series of images. These visions can be symbolic representations or clear and direct pictorial messages.


Clairvoyants have the ability to see things that are hidden from view. There are different types of clairvoyance, including clairsentience (sense of feeling) and claircognizance (sense of clear knowing).


What Does The Clairvoyant Do?


Every psychic or spiritual reader has unique skills and an individual way of working. Most of the time, when preparing for a reading a Clairvoyant will be guided to connect with your guides. It is a spiritual invitation that allows them to bring forward messages that will uplift, guide and help you.

When tuning into your energy the clairvoyant may feel a presence, sensation or coolness around them, before they start to receive images. Some clairvoyants are able to pick up very clear images of the people and places that are special to you. They are able to accurately describe things and to pass on specific messages that have precise meanings only to you.

What A Clairvoyant Reading Can Tell You

It is a clairvoyant reader’s job to pass on relevant information and guidance, and not to solve your problems. The messages that they are able to pass on to you will help you heal and make informed choices and decisions. If the experienced clairvoyant has a strong spiritual connection with your guides, it can sometimes seem like they are having a two-way conversation during the reading. Mostly however, the clairvoyant will receive precise information about things that you need to know, in answer to the question that you ask during the reading.

Important Considerations


It is important that you are able to validate any connection that a clairvoyant makes with your guides. When he/she is describing people, places and things in your life that they ‘see’ and ‘sense’ always ask specific questions so that you are able to determine whether or not this spiritual connection is true. Never go along with something that is said, if it does not make sense to you. It is ok to have one or two things that you may not be able to validate during the reading, but may make sense to you later on. If you feel that the clairvoyant doesn’t have a genuine connection you should terminate the reading.


When considering a psychic or spiritual reading it is worth noting that some psychics are not clairvoyants or mediums. One skill does not fit all. If you want to receive a particular type of reading or insight always check the individual psychic and spiritual reader profiles before choosing your reader, take a look at our Clairvoyants here and have a reading today.

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