What is psychic self-protection and how do you create it?

Those who have experienced a psychic reading may have heard of psychic self-protection, yet know very little about it. The idea of needing protection does suggest that there is something to need protection from, but there is nothing to be afraid of.

Psychic protection is mainly about protecting yourself from the negative psychic energies that are given off by others, and ignoring unwanted energies from random entities, making sure that you don’t waste any time in trying to gain some insight from them.

Psychic self-protection is not necessarily about defending yourself from harmful things, but is instead more about focusing your energy on entities and energies that actually matter to you.

One common way to protect yourself is to set up a psychic shield, where you use your energy to set up a barrier. Others find that taking more control of your energy is more useful than putting up a shield, and to do this you can raise the vibration of your psychic waves by calling on a spiritual entity, such as the angel Gabriel or Buddha.


Image Credit: dalbera (flickr.com)

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