Why we prefer psychics to shamans

BoliviaIn today’s society, we feel much more comfortable approaching a psychic for a psychic reading rather than seeking the help of a shaman, but what is it about shamanism that means we trust psychics more?

A shaman was historically a healer of body, mind and a diviner of things to come. They engaged in the central aspects of a culture and were very involved in the community, even if the way they dressed set them distinctly apart from the rest of society. These core aspects of Shamanism are not so easily remembered today and many view shamans as outsider figures.

Another reason why we are more likely to turn towards psychics for help is because shamans still use the same beliefs and ideals from long ago and have made fewer adaptations to their practises than psychics, who frequently offer online psychic services. Although the spiritual powers of a shaman match that of a psychic, we understand more about psychics and can contact them more easily, making them more approachable.

Image Credit: psyberartist (flickr.com)

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