Wrong number phone call leads to happy marriage

Wedding ringFate and love have been working their magic in the world according to the romantic story of a British couple. A phone call that happened by complete chance has brought two people together and they have dedicated their lives to each other by getting married.

Brian Woodward phoned Elizabeth Bennett accidentally back in 2003, and although he was apparently “really rude” during the conversation, the psychic energies that they felt from one another were strong enough for him to phone back with an apology the following day and  for Elizabeth to forgive him.

They met up a couple of weeks later and, after five years of dating, Brian proposed to her. Four years later and they married in December 2012 in Norfolk, celebrating a day which was “filled with happiness and love”. Although it may be fate that drew them together, they have both worked hard to make their relationship a successful one.

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Image Credit: Eivinf Barstad Waaler (flickr.com)

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