Author: James Kinsley

The Power of Light

LIGHT: (mass NOUN) The natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible; a source of illumination. ENLIGHTENMENT: (mass NOUN) Spiritual illumination by divine truth. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation that falls within the response range of the human retina (between 390 nm violet light and 740 nm red light). The difference between coloured light […]

History of The Tarot

What does “Tarot” mean? •”Tarot” could be a derivative of the Ancient Egyptian God “Thoth”, God of Magic and Words.  Tarot is often referred to as “the royal road to wisdom” which derives from the ancient Egyptian words “tar” (royal) and “ro” (road). •Some suggest that “tarot” is a play on the word “Torah”, the […]

Spring Cleaning To Welcome In Abundance

Spring is nature’s way of propelling us into action. The vernal equinox is the perfect opportunity to spring clean your home, relationships and attitude. Making a few positive adjustments can create a massive impact on your life. Replacing stale and stagnant energy with positive, high vibration energy also opens up the doors of manifestation. Get […]

Happy St Patricks Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be linked with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most significantly, to those who celebrate its original meaning, St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day for spiritual regeneration and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national champion of Ireland. St […]

Thanksgiving – The Spiritual Practice Of Gratitude

Gratitude puts everything into fresh perspective. The attitude of gratitude enables us to identify and acknowledge the many blessings all around us. The more ways we find to give thanks, the greater the amount of things that we find to be grateful for. Being grateful and giving thanks takes practice. The more it is done, […]

Remember Remember the 5th of November.

The 5th of November  has traditionally been a  night to celebrate  Guy Fawkes being caught in the Gunpowder plot  . The tradition of the bonfires in local down squares  is said to have began the same year as the failed coup, and progressed over the yea rs to effigy being burnt on the bonfire and now […]